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Rex Busa

Executive Director


Rex Busa has been in and around the precast business for 30+ years in varying roles.  Currently the executive director of the Precast Pipe Association, Rex brings his experience and contacts in the industry to help advance the message of the NJPCA. 

The New Jersey Precast Concrete Association (NJPCA) is a not-for-profit trade organization with its emphasis on the promotion of precast concrete and related products to construction industry stakeholders such as owners, engineers, contractors, and state & local government agencies. Our philosophy is that the greatest means of promotion is to educate industry stakeholders on the many applications and benefits of precast concrete, encourage high standards of quality among our members, and to proudly exhibit our many successful projects.

NJPCA's Executive Director has over 30 years experience in the precast industry as a producer and is available for speaking engagements, trade shows, and educational seminars. 

NJPCA maintains three categories on membership including Full Producer, Associate, and Professional. 

Please contact our office with any questions regarding membership, our services, to locate a producer, or about precast concrete in general.

The New Jersey Precast Concrete Association (NJPCA)

PO Box 1691

Bellmawr, NJ 08099

Phone - 609-970-2718

NJPCA Officers and Directors

President: Matt Hicks, Northeast Precast 

Vice President: Chad Saunders, Precast Systems Inc.

Secretary/Treasurer: George Hand, Jersey Precast

Associate Member: Representative:  Barry Fleck, ALP Supply

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